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Thanks To Those Who Are Giving Back

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National Volunteer Week 2021

Volunteers are an essential part of Ocean Mind. As a non-for-profit organisation, we would not be able to achieve the milestones that we have without our incredible volunteers. We are so grateful and really appreciate the generosity of every single person who donates their time to help change the lives of young people, who are experiencing mental health issues, through surf therapy.

Our surf therapy programs incorporate a number of different elements in them, and is much more than simply learning how to surf. Each participant is partnered with a volunteer who mentors them through the six-week surf program. Mentors help participants to learn the basics of surfing, but they also develop a connection, which helps foster a sense of trust between the mentor and participants, and helps to grow the participants confidence.

One of our previous mentors; Laura, said that she enjoyed being a part of the Ocean Mind program because “it enables young people who wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity, to experience a fun part of life in a safe and supported environment.” Laura goes on to say “as a health professional I help kids every day in a clinical setting but I enjoyed how the Ocean Mind program helps kids to have fun, be social and become part of a community.”

For many people surfing and being in the ocean can be a great way to take care of their own mental health. One of Ocean Mind’s surf instructors; Michel, has said that “surfing has helped [him] to get through difficult periods of [his] life” and that being a part of Ocean Mind has been “a great way to share the experience and hopefully help others get through difficult periods of their lives”.

We have received some incredible feedback from past participants and their parent’s including one mother, who told us that her daughter said Ocean Mind is “the only place she’s found, outside of home, where her outside matches her inside. For her that means she’s not masking who she is. She’s free to be who she is and that’s a first for her”.

Volunteers at Ocean Mind are helping to change lives through surf therapy. To find out more, or to sign up as a volunteer, visit our volunteer page here

If you feel passionate about our cause, but don’t have the time to volunteer, we would be super grateful if you are able to donate $10 a month – over a year, it will cover the cost of 1 young person to complete 1 surf therapy session. To make a donation please visit our donation page here